After Wendy Roasted The Heck Outta McDonalds For A Mistake In Black Friday Tweet, They Made A Smooth Recovery

Remember when fast food franchises weren’t at each other throats all the time?

You don’t remember that? Me neither. But I get it though. What’s a business without some competition, right? But when that competition starts roasting you, that’s when things start to get piping hot.

You see, McDonald was going to post something yesterday about Black Friday. And they made an innocent mistake. Rather than posting the link. They posted the pre-planned tweet.

Our brutal Wendy girl wasn’t going to let this one go.

Wait! There is more!

As it turns out the rest of the Twitter was also ready for some roasting.

Seems like the Twitter was having loads of fun with this.

At least he ain’t wrong.

Didn’t everyone already knew that?

Surprisingly, McDonald’s didn’t miss a single step!

Many people agreed with them.


This tweet surely deserves a spot in the hall of fame for tweets.

What are your thoughts on McDonald tweet? Do you think it was a good save? Or did it leave a bitter taste in your mouth? Comment on below and let us know!

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