Men Shared The Weird And Gross Things Their Partners Ever Said While Doing It That Just Killed Their Libido

Don’t ever tell a man to ‘hurry up.’

In some instances, it might be okay. But it is never considered okay in the bedroom. Trust me; no guy wants to hear that you’re losing patience while you two are doing the deed. Not only is it rude, but it can also make the encounter even more awkward than it is.

So on Reddit, men shared the weirdest and grossest things that their partners had said to them while doing it. And the only thing I can say is that I feel sorry for them. You might even learn what not to say in the bedroom.

#1 Being extra clean is never a bad thing.

As I’m slipping it in,

her- “wait, you washed it since you pooped last,right?”

me- “what? Yes”,

her- “but with antibacterial soap, right?”.

me –“um, what… yeah sure”.

her –“i don’t believe you. Go wash in now and i need to smell it first.”



#2 She should have told him before.

“I stopped taking the pill”……after I came…..

and that was the end of that relationship.


#3 Is she okay in the head?

After spending the day with my niece, during a Blowjob.

“Do you think your (Three-Year-Old) niece will like sucking Dick like me, when she’s older?”

Record Scratch



#4 That must have hurt.

Hurry up.


#5 Then try always to expect it.

I’m gonna put something up your butt when you least expect it.


#6 Is it a big fish?

One time my ex referred to my penis as “Wilfred”, the name of her fish.


#7 Well, you have that in common.

I’ve never had sex with a black guy before.

Uhhhhhh…me neither?


#8 That is just sad.

Girlfriend of six months screams, “Oh my god, Greg!”

My name isn’t Greg.



#9 That is just disgusting.

“fuck me daddy! fuck me! I won’t tell mommy, promise!”

I can get into some role play but that just creeped me the fuck out because she sounded like she had experienced it before.

Yeah, that relationship ended real quick.


#10 I am truly sorry.

My boyfriend’s is bigger.


#11 That is not so bad though.

One girl liked to say “baby boy.” One bang and never again.


#12 A great time for revealing that.

Wow. You’re really going bald.



Do you have any embarrassing stories to share? If so, comment on below and let us know!

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