10+ Weird Things All Girls Secretly Do For Each Other

Once in a while – we all need to show our girl friends a little appreciation. It’s safe to say that they’ve got our backs through thick and thin. You always get by with a bit of help from your friends.

But, if you really need reasons why female friends make the best of friends, here’s why:

1. They feel your grubby legs for you and tell you if you need to shave.

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2. And if you need, they’ll even shave it for you.

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3. They give you the casual, supportive lift when you need it.

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4. Zipping each other’s dresses has been a sacred bond between women for centuries.

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5. Helping your head out of a tight squeeze.

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6. When your hair is caught in a zip – they’re a survivalist genius.

Twitter: @paisleyeah

7. They’ll smell your pits for you

Twitter: @Lomaaaa

8. They’ll go above and beyond to take flattering photos of you.

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9. They will form a wall around you in public so you can sneakily pick out a tricky wedge.

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10. They help you look busy to avoid altercations with men.

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11. Check each other for period stains.

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12. Carry spare pads and tampons – just in case.

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