15 Weird Things Every Dog Owner Has Secretly Done

  • By Asad Tipu
  • August 21, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Being a pet owner can be crazy sometimes.

It’s a lot like being a parent. They start whining and yelling a lot for no reason and you have to figure out why, you gotta make sure they’re fed, and bathed, and drink plenty of water, and you always freak out about what they eat. After all, ever see a dog owner react to being told that their dog is trying to eat chocolate?

There’s a whole bunch of crazy things they do. You

#1 Sing about your dog.

#2 Call them anything but their actual name.

#3 Pretend to faint just to see how they’d react.

#4 Photoshoot every time they fall asleep.

#5 Grab their squidgy soft paws.

#6 Wonder what they might be thinking.

#7 Do they think they own you or you own them?

#8 Tell them they’re naked when you take off their collars.

#9 See how they’d react to seeing themselves on your phone camera.

#10 Show them how they look in the mirror.

#11 Being offended when your dog picks someone other than you.

#12 Saying bless you every time they sneeze.

#13 Planning to cuddle them later in the day.

#14 Pet them with your feet when you can’t use your hands.

#15 Call them your baby no matter how old and responsible they get.

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