10+ Weird AF Tweets You’ll Find Hilarious If You Have A Weird Sense Of Humor

Humor Can Be Quite Subjective.

What some people find hilarious, some might find it boring and weird. It’s just a matter of taste. However, if you do have a weird sense of humor, you are at the right place. Now, I consider myself to have a very weird sense of humor, but I still could not understand many of these.

So beware as some of the following jokes might change your whole life perspective.

#1 The Five Stages Of Butter.

#2 Uh Oh Spaghetti-O’s.

#3 Still Not Sure If That Is A He Or A She? Or Maybe Even They? Who Am I To Judge?


#4 Showbiz Baby!


#5 At Least It’s A Carrot!

#6 Apparently A Spiked Leaf?

#7 Ah, I See What You Did There.

#8 That Is Honestly The Best Description Of A Snake.

#9 I Am Pretty Sure You Passed With Flying Colors.

#10 Seems Like The Best Idea.

#11 Who Needs That Many Appointments Though?

#12 Neither Am I.

#13 Sounds Pretty Delicious.


#14 Doesn’t It Mean ‘In Excess Of’? Then Again, What Do I Know?

#15 Loving The Elegant Rhymes.

#16 That Is ‘Just Stuff’ Alright.

#17 *Slow Clap*

#18 Clothes Need Some Sleep Too. We Put Them Through The Wringer Every Day.

#19 I Wonder How That Happened?


#20 That Is 100% Right.

#22 Or You Broke Them.

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