A Wedding Is Made More Amazing By The Presence Of Huskies And Cats As Best Man And Maid Of Honor

Animals Can Be Our Best Friends.

Doesn’t matter which type of animal it is. But today we will be talking about dogs and cats. You see, a couple was getting married and needed a best man and maid of honour. What could be better than Huskies and a cat? Nothing.

So, they chose their canines to be their best man and maid of honour. The pictures turned out to be amazing. The two malamutes took their roles very seriously. Everyone in the ceremony was ecstatic because of their fluffy appearance.

They also looked amazing in their accessories, a bow for the best man and flowers for the maid of honour.

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This Couple Made Their Two Malamutes Their Best Man And Maid Of Honor.

I Feel Sorry For The Cat Now.

However, The Dogs Were Very Pleased.

They Took Their Roles As Best Man And Maid Of Honor Very Seriously.

They Tried To Make Their Owners’ Wedding Day Very Special.

Everyone Was Ecstatic When They Arrived.

They Looked Freaking Adorable In Their Accessories.

The Best Man Was Wearing A Bow While The Maid Of Honor Was Wearing Flowers As Accessories.

You Could Tell That The Couple Was Having A Great Time Because Of Their Canines.

Their Wedding Cake Also Had Their Canine Companions On It.

Yes, They Also Looked Exactly As Their Malamutes.

They Didn’t Forget About Their Cat Either.

The Dogs Were Also Clearly Having Fun Because Of All The Attention.

Now This Is True Love Right Here.

What did you think of their unique idea? Do you think it is a good idea to make your canine companions best man and maid of honor? Or do you prefer humans? Whatever your opinion, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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