This Hilarious Web Comic Is For You If You Say ‘I’m Sorry’ Too Often

Many People Tend To Say Sorry Even When They Mean Something Else.

It is not wrong to say sorry. Many people say it but sorry should only be used when you want to apologize. However, it is a very common thing to say sorry even if it is not needed in that instance.

Illustrator Yao Xiao was tired of seeing this everywhere, so she created a webcomic about it.

I was inspired by moments in my life when I realized how much I appreciated having my friends around me. The message I wanted to get across to my readers was that maybe sometimes saying ‘sorry’ wasn’t what they meant. And in a way, I could help by articulating what could be said instead.

Instead Of Saying Sorry, Why Not Say Thank You?

Via Yao Xiao 

She Also Explained That She Used To Say Sorry A Lot.

She used to say it when she felt like she was talking too much or maybe not talking enough. However, at the end of the day, she just needed someone to tell her that it was ‘okay’.

Via Mary Kim

At that point in my life, I didn’t have the experience and company I needed to believe I was okay. To not say sorry is to feel confident, loved, and appreciated. It is me telling myself, ‘It’s OK,’ and telling someone else I appreciate them back.

By simply demanding them to switch out the words isn’t going to help. If you actually are at fault … definitely please apologize because that’s what ‘sorry’s are for.

– Yao Xiao

So next time you catch yourself saying sorry. Take a moment to think if it is really necessary. If you realize that it isn’t, then swap that for a simple thank you. You might be surprised to see that lot of time you actually mean Thank You but end up saying ‘sorry’.

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