Celebs Explain Why They’re Wearing All Black At The Golden Globes & It’s Not What You’re Thinking

One thing’s for sure, the way we dress says a lot about our personality, and it can also relate to ongoing events, surprisingly.

Therefore, Golden Globes has always been famous for the pricey and ravishing dresses that our celebrities wear, which makes them look pretty hot and it would be safe to say, stupid too, at times.

Black has been the most common among all celebrities, especially at the Golden Globes. However, this time it will be different. Their black dresses will serve a purpose. As Amber Tamblyn wrote in the New York Times, “Wearing black is not all we will be doing. We will be doing away with the old spoken codes in favor of communicating boldly and directly: What we are wearing is not a statement of fashion. It is a statement of action.”

Celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross to Mark Ruffalo, have taken to social media to discuss their choices with the hashtag #WhyWeWearBlack.


So, here’s the actual reason why most of the big shots of the industry will be wearing black. And I think it’s a great initiative.

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TODAY is the day! #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack

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Tracee, you’re amazing.

These pretty ladies made sure to play their part in this!

Who doesn’t know this guy!?

Great work, lady!

Isn’t she amazing? Natalie, you have got a heart of gold!

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Alyssa, way to go girl!


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