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10+ Surprising Ways You Aren't Aware About That Could Get You Pregnant

10+ Surprising Ways You Aren’t Aware About That Could Get You Pregnant

Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown.

You always thought that they was only one way of getting pregnant? Well, you thought wrong. There are many surprising ways that you might not know about. Mar Jane Minkin, however, knows about all of them.

She is a clinical professor of obstetrics, gynaecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine. So to put it simply she knows what she is talking about. Let’s get on then.

#1 Anal Sex Is Not As Safe As You Think.

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No, I am not trying to mess with you. As Minkin puts it, “Even if he is penetrating rectally, he can be depositing a little seminal fluid around the opening to the vagina. Let’s face it, the vagina and the rectum are very close territory.”

#2 Never Open A Condom With Your Teeth.

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This one is pretty obvious. Don’t open it with your teeth even if you’re in a hurry. It is not indestructible so your teeth or scissors could puncture it. Next time just open it with your fingers.

#3 Dry Humping With Your Underwear On.


We are all aware of the fact that dry humping without an underwear can cause pregnancy but what about with underwear? Well, it may be extremely rare, but it is possible.

#4 Yes, It Is Possible To Get Pregnant Again.

Via Disney

Yes, I am telling the truth. Although this extremely rare phenomenon is called superfetation, it only occurs if you’re pregnant and ovulating.

#5 Condoms And Oil-Based Lubes Don’t Mix.

Via edandeddie

According to Minkin. “These types of lubes can degrade the latex and create microscopic holes in the condom, increasing your chances of getting knocked up.”

#6 Don’t Do Anything In The Tub.

Via FOX.

As Minkin puts it, “Any time you end up with semen or seminal fluid around the vulva, you can get guys up inside there.”

#7 You Can Get Pregnant Even While Taking The Pill.

Via wikimedia

This doesn’t sound good at all but as Minkin puts it. “Any contraceptive has a small failure rate associated with it.”

#8 Just Keep His Sticky Fingers Out Of Your Vagina.

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If he has just finished and there is something on his fingers. It is possible that something could end up getting you pregnant.

#9 Leave Some Space At The Tip Of The Condom.

Via wikipedia

You always need to leave some space at the tip as it could spill from the sides. Nobody wants that right?

#10 Man Who Has Had A Vasectomy.


According to Minkin.  “Vasectomies don’t take effect immediately, so the urologist recommends having a follow-up semen analysis a couple of months afterwards to see if he is totally clear.”

#11 You Can Get Pregnant Even After Getting Your Tubes Tied.


Everything has a failure rate however small. Tubal ligation is, however, a great way to prevent pregnancy as it only has a 1% failure rate.

#12 You Could Get Pregnant Even While On Your Period.


You could conceive if you ovulate early, as semen can live up to five days. That’s scary!

#13 Morning After-Pill Can Be Ineffective.

Via xavier43k

It is better to take birth control than the morning after pill. And it can be much more cost-effective. The morning after pill also only has a 95% success rate.

#14 Never Use Old Condoms.

Via elsieandelise

Did you think condoms last forever? Well, they don’t. As latex can lose its elasticity and weaken over the course of time.

#15 Having Sex While You Are Breastfeeding.


According to Minkin. “The hormones involved in breastfeeding help suppress ovulation, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get pregnant even if you haven’t started your period again after giving birth.”


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