Powerful Illustrations Show Why Our Waste Poses A Serious Threat To Precious Wildlife

The world is full of garbage, literally.

Our unrecycled waste can be seen everywhere. From comforting green, hilly areas to the depths of the ocean, our garbage is found everywhere.

It not only causes pollution but it also greatly disturbs wildlife. Some consume toxic waste material mistaking it for food, and some get stuck in the junk. Humans are causing these unnecessary threats to wildlife, and we need to take steps to stop them.

Take a look at these powerful illustrations to understand why our waste poses a serious threat to wildlife:

Vie: De Milked

#1 Tangled in our wires.

Via De Milked 


#2 Ruining their beauty.

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#3 Strangling them.

Via De Milked 


#4 This is not their food.

Via De Milked 

#5 These papers were supposed to educate us.

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#6 This needs to stop.

Via De Milked
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