Warwickshire Police Released A Terrible Sketch Of A Suspect And Twitter Dragged It Hilariously

Everyone makes mistakes.

And that includes the police. Now, I know drawing a picture of someone just by how others describe the person is quite hard. But the computer is supposed to be better, right? Well, that doesn’t seem to be it if you look at what happened below.

As it turns out, a British psychologist at the University of Central Lancashire explained that photos drawn by trained artists only produce an accurate likeness of the suspect around 9% of the time.

For computer-generated images, however, that number is even lower and stands at 5%. Surprising, right? So when two men posed as employees from the Orbit housing association, they tricked a woman and stole all her cash.

The woman realized what had happened and described what one of the men looked like.

Following is what the woman apparently ‘described.’

People thought that it was a late April Fools joke. However, it was far from a simple joke.

This is the description of the incident.

At between 2.00pm and 2.36pm on 5 February 2018, two men claiming to be from Orbit Housing tricked their way into a flat in Hertford Place.

One of the men distracted the occupant – a woman in her 40s – while the other man searched the property.

When the victim realized what they were doing she ordered them to leave. The men left with a quantity of cash.

Warwickshire Police

And unsurprisingly, Twitter was as helpful as many suspected.

Twitter found every family member of this guy except him.


I am going to say yes.

So that is his aunt then?

Maybe an Uncle?


Wait! Is this the thief?


I honestly thought the same, but he looks pretty average.

Are you sure? He looks pretty normal to me.

But I have to say; I really need the number of his dentist.


Well, at least they tried. Dog ears usually fix everything.

Really? Harry Potter glasses?

Oh Wow. So the police are getting better then.


Some Twitter users, however, were no help at all.

That thief should be proud. His teeth are famous on the Internet!

Have you ever seen this guy in all his toothy glory? If you have, then you better assist the police at their website.

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