Girl Convinced Her Dad To Get Her A Cat By Hilarious Emotional Manipulation And We Are Impressed AF

What lengths have you gone to try and convince your parents to buy you something you wanted?

Whether it was a new toy or clothes, or maybe even a pet? Did you go to the length this Twitterite’s little sister did?

She created a “wall of sorrow” to make her dad feel bad about not having a cat, and guilted him into getting a meowing pet. You know the weird thing? It worked.


The wall of sorrow included things like,

Pictures of cats crying, “please please please please please”, and basically calling her dad a murderer for not adopting them because, “you’re [sic] letting them die in a tiny box doing nothing but crying,”

The best use of the crying cat emoji ever.

Catlovers all over joined in.

Even Catrick Swayze approved it.

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