Waitress Shares Wild Story How A Guy Dumped His GF Because She Was A Total Jerk To Her

Being a waitress is like a job from hell.

While it is true that most of the time people appreciate the hard work you put in your job and show that through their manners, and of course, tips.

However, some people are just straight up rude and think they can get away with being an as*hole to someone in the service industry. There are some customers who are sweet, kind and there are those who you would never want to see again.

The following story is about a girl who falls in the latter category. This story actually came from a Subreddit Tales From Your Server. It is where service industry workers come together to share their stories.

And one Reddit user, lustfulspiritanimal had an interesting story while she was working as a waitress on Valentine’s day. As you can imagine there were a lot of couples there that day and let’s just say that not all of them got a happy ending.

Via Daveblog

The whole fiasco started with ‘Angie.’

And it only just got worse from there.

Until the manager stepped in and tried to diffuse the situation.

However, at the end of the day ‘Angie’ got what she deserved.

Unsurprisingly, Her post went viral.

And many people started sharing their stories.

I’m still curious about that.

At least he learned that before it got too late.

Maybe she’ll learn to be nicer the next time she has a date with someone.

I feel the same.

That is just stupid.

What are your thoughts on this incident? Don’t you find it frustrating when many people treat their wait staff this way?

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