Smirnoff Vodka Just Trolled President Trump On A Billboard, And People Love It

President Trump has probably been the butt of the most jokes any President has

Every late night comedian takes a jab at him. Whether it’s his mannerisms, his hair, his speech, people mock him for it. And Smirnoff Vodka is no exception. They unveiled a new ad recently, that subtly takes a jab at the President of the United States.

“Made in America” as well “ties to Russia”

Remind you of someone? Trump has been repeatedly accused of having Russian ties. Even so far as orchestrating the election in his favour.

And people all over the Twitterverse love them for it

They’re praising the ad and appreciating the joke

Even those not a fan of vodka take their hats off to Smirnoff

Others took a jab at Trump supporters too

It’s just slightly shady

In Soviet Russia, Vodka owns you

Burn, burn, burn.


Even if people didn’t like vodka before, they do now


Unfortunately, it’s more embarrassing than “savage”. Comey’s testimony said he had no ties, even if his behaviour was questionable. Not to mention that a number of tax dollars that have gone into the investigation have, so far, brought up nothing.

But hey, a joke’s a joke, and this is as good as any.

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