This Artist Created Visual Representations Of Social Media Apps And They’re Spot-On

When it comes to social media, we just can’t get enough of it, right?

It’s like a drug, except everyone is doing it. It has it’s good and bad sides.

It’s funny how social media took control of our lives and how important it has become to socialize on these platforms. Be it a celebrity or even a homeless guy; they can be reached on these platforms.

We won’t deny the fact that these platforms provide us good opportunities and a lot of knowledge too but that entirely depends on one’s perspective and usage.

However, there’s this artist who goes by the name of Ben Fearnley. He decided to examine how people interact with each other on these social media platforms.

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So what does he do after observing them?

He created amazing 3D sculptures representing big social media brands. Isn’t it awesome?

Ben Fearnley / Via benfearnleydesign.com

Mr. Ben made good use of CGI to produce these images. To give it a vibe of a gallery, he placed every piece on a pedestal and added some lighting effects.

Ben worked really hard in creating these illustrations while keeping their traits in mind.

Ben Fearnley / Via benfearnleydesign.com

“You log onto Facebook and it’s basically like watching people’s lives through the content they post,” Fearnley told BuzzFeed. “You find out someone has moved to a new city or got engaged before you even see them in person, hence the Facebook-branded viewing scope to visually represent this idea of ‘watching.'”

Now here’s the famous Twitter! Wait, are those hashtags coming out of it? This is something splendid.

Ben Fearnley / Via benfearnleydesign.com

“The megaphone for this object represent[s] people trying to be heard, but the thousands of Twitter hashtags falling out of this like verbal vomit,” Fearnley explained.

Here’s Snapchat which is beautifully defined. The shredder depicts how snaps vanish after they have been viewed.

Ben Fearnley / Via benfearnleydesign.com

But if we look closely, it gives sort of a brief description of the content too!

Ben Fearnley / Via benfearnleydesign.com

Coming towards Instagram, it shows a pile of likes. “Insta feed your ego.”

Ben Fearnley / Via benfearnleydesign.com

Mr. Ben admits that he uses a lot of social media too and by creating these sculptures, he never means to defame these platforms.

Ben Fearnley / Via benfearnleydesign.com

“Personally I don’t dislike any of the social media platforms, the project isn’t meant to be having a stab at any of these companies,” he told BuzzFeed. “It’s just seeing them in a different way that I find interesting and amusing.”

If you want to check out more of Ben’s work, you can stalk his Instagram. What do you think of these illustrations? Are they accurate?

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