Viral ‘Jerk’ Cat Returns Home After Owner Posts Hilarious Ad

All cats are jerks sometimes.

I am not going to lie. I love cats and I might have my house adorned with all things cat.

But they can really break your heart when they are being a jerk. Yet, somehow, we love these fur-balls anyway. And if anything happens to them, we are ready to kill anyone who stands in our way. That’s not really that much of an exaggeration.

A cat owner by the name Mary Irwin also understands this struggle. She however, did lose her cat. She was quick to post about her missing cat. Her lost cat poster however, went viral.

Mary Irwin Jerk Cat Flyer
Via Facebook

Before you go running to find her, don’t worry.

She is back home safe and sound. Mary Irwin’s cat went missing, so she made a Facebook post about it to look for her.

“I live in a big apartment complex and my guess is someone found her and took her in. But Babou is not the kind of cat people would keep. I assume whoever found her wants to get rid of her. She is the weirdest cat ever.”

Now you might be thinking, why is the cat a jerk?

Well Mary Irwin explains that too.

“She likes to sit on you, but doesn’t want you to touch her. She likes to sleep on your head and she’s a talker. Babou has opinions about things and is very verbal. She will sit next to you, stare you in the face, and start a conversation that is a bit uppity.

She ran across the parking lot and jumped into my arms.She was the coolest cat for six months and then she got spayed and that changed everything.”

Essentially, she’s like every other cat ever.



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