10+ Vintage Comics That Explain The Reality Of Relationships Of The Modern World

Past and present might not be that different.

Okay, I know what you’re going to say. ‘There has been so much technological advancement in the past few years! How could you even say the world hasn’t changed!?’ Well, to that I say ‘Shut up and wait till I explain what I meant.’

While it is true and the world and people have changed quite a lot but it is safe to say, relationships are just as hard as they used to be. I mean, what else will explain the following vintage comics?

Credit: Peteski

#1 Boom! Shot down!

#2 Keep telling yourself that.

#3 I definitely can’t refute that.

#4 Did you have to say it out loud?

#5 Maybe it’s time to see a therapist?

#6 It’s probably never going to kick in.

#7 That is what I keep asking myself.

#8 Being a bit selfish huh?

#9 You go girl!?

#10 Being able to silence your phone is awesome.

#11 Yeah, He probably does.

#12 I can totally understand.

#13 Same?

#14 They are both equally out of their minds.

#15 I can relate hardcore!

Which one of these comics resonated with you the most? Comment on below and let us know.

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