This Village In Siberia Is The Coldest Place (-62°C) In The World & Photos Are Breathtaking

Is winter your favorite season?

Well, then you’ll certainly love this village in Siberia. Either that or you’ll start hating winter after this. Whatever your thoughts, you have to admit that it truly looks the most magical place on Earth. (Yes even more magical than Disney land.)

While the frozen Niagara was breathtakingly beautiful, this one just takes the cake.  It is said that the village’s temperature dips even below -68°C (-90°F). We are not sure though as the electronic thermometer stopped working after -62°C (-80°F).

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Welcome to the coldest place on Earth.

Via m_troeva

The temperature can dip below even -62°C (-80°F).

Via __mnana__

However school is open till it reaches -52°C (-62°F).

Via volshebniy_misha

And people still go on with their life.

Via alfi__ya

You can’t even see 5 feet ahead of you.

Via _yakutia

People don’t even need freezers.

Via Vera Salnitskaya

As the fish automatically gets frozen.

Via Vera Salnitskaya

“While filming the trading rows my hands froze to wild pain. Sellers stand here all day long. How do they warm themselves?”

This however doesn’t stop tourists from visiting.

Via pototskayaelena

Yes, this thermal spring is below -60°C.

Via pototskayaelena

Some people use the magical winter land is creative ways.

Via chugunovpetrs

This village is situated in Oymyakonsky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia.

Via khakhsaat_djulus

It is named after the Oymyakon River.

Via sivtsevsema958

And it means frozen lake.

Via alfi__ya

Even the electronic thermometer couldn’t deal with the cold.

Via sivtseva9452

The village has about 500 people living in it.

Via chychakhup

It is about 750 meters above sea level.

Via sivtsevsema958

“Now we’re brushing the snow off our Yakut horses. For us this is normal.”

Via sivtsevsema958

This village is also known as the Northern pole of cold.

Via sivtsevsema958

The winter might be a frozen wonderland.

Via leonidkruglov

Summer can become excessively warm.

Via alfi__ya

Oymyakon started as a stopover for reindeer herders.

Via  khakhsaat_djulus

But later became a permanent settlement.

Via ion_ionsky

It truly looks like it’s cgi.

Via  ion_ionsky

The snow even makes a mine tunnel beautiful.

Via sakhamin

This village has the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere.

Via mrsirinapetrova

The days are quite short.

Via spiridon_sleptsov

However it is truly a sight to see.

Via sagilana08

The frozen temperatures tend to freeze peoples lashes.

Via anastasiagav

I see a new beauty trend that is going to catch on.

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