Video Of Racist White Woman Assaulting A Pregnant Black Service Member Goes Viral And The Internet Is Going Crazy Over It

This racism needs to stop already!

Can you believe a 71-year-old woman could assault someone? That too a black pregnant army officer! Over what, you ask? A stupid parking space.

That’s right. A white lady named Judy Tucker was caught assaulting black service members, Treasure Sharp and her friend Stephanie Marshall after they parked in an empty space outside Cheddar’s in Macon. Mrs. Tucker’s son, Robbie verbally abused both the ladies, claiming that they need to learn how to park a car. Not just that, he called them “dumb bitches.” Soon after his mother joined him too.

Let’s find out more about it.


Someone made a video of the whole thing and posted it online.

The heat went on inside the restaurant when Robbie called the two ladies “Black lesbian bitches”. And when one of them started recording the whole scene on video, Mrs. Tucker jumped on to her trying to grab the mobile phone.

Although Mrs. Sharpe had exclaimed that she was pregnant, Mrs. Tucker did not give a shit and hit the pregnant officer in the face.

Such a shame.

This is how the people are reacting towards this abuse against those two women of color.

It truly is.


Those ladies truly are heroes.

Apparently, Mrs. Tucker acted all innocent afterwards as if she hadn’t done anything and it was all the officers’ fault. But obviously, as seen in the video, she was the attacker. The police agreed so too.

With all the lunging and slapping happening, it was never shown through cell phone video that Mrs. Mitchell or Mrs. Sharpe did anything wrong.

But to some relief, Mrs. Tucker got arrested and was charged with battery but soon released on a $650 bail. Although there could be more charges on her behalf as the police is still investigating.


Good on you for raising your voice but who is going to implement that?

HEY! I was gonna say that!

After all, this sounds about right!


If only someone would act on that.

The statement issued by Cheddar’s corporate office read as following:

We were appalled by the behavior of the individuals who confronted the two female service members. Such behavior flies in the face of our values and those individuals are no longer welcome in our restaurant.

This is  really screwed up to be honest. I mean, it was just a matter of parking! Why get so aggressive and violent?

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