This Video Of One Foot Huntsman Spider And It’s Babies Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Holy mother of spiders!

Spiders are pretty horrifying for some people. And when it comes to being hundreds of them, the fear is legit!

I mean, just think about it… Spiders are like these creepy, hairy creatures that give you goosebumps even if you are 10 feet away from them. They give out menacing vibes for all I know.

In Australia, apparently, spiders are way more frightening than the everyday spiders we see. Not just bigger but they are fatal and faster due to which pest controllers have to continuously move around towns to get rid of these wretched minions for the residents of Australia. The reason it’s so terrifying, we can see that in this post.

Noel Parminter, a pest control expert recently found some unwanted guests while inspecting a property in Queensland, Australia; hundreds of baby spiders embedded in a spider web. And not just that, upon disturbing the cobweb of the spiderlings, their one-foot huge mother came out! What could be scarier than that?

Need a proof? Check out the video below.

If spiders make you squeamish, don’t press play… You have been warned.

-Noel Parminter


Can you see those little things?

Although, instead of being frightened and running away, Parminter filmed it all as the little spiders scurried out of their web. He even blew them a kiss if you think it’s cute. But not for long. He couldn’t escape the humongous grey mother’s vigilant eyes.

While doing a termite inspection today, I came across the especially large grey huntsman keeping her watchful eyes on a recently hatched egg case with the hatchlings staying close by. I was able to get in close and blew them a kiss.

Yep, that’s the mother!

Another shot of the web.

Some of the biggest arachnids include these grey huntsman spiders, which measure around seven inches across and have a two-inch long body! Not to mention that their bites can be quiet excruciating.

It’s not like these spiders are rare creatures; they are found in many parts of the world but not in homes for sure. They are welcomed by gardeners to get rid of pests and insects.

Tell me you are not absolutely shook! Share your views in the comments below. Sweet spider nightmares!

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