Vet Put Signs Explaining 15 Most Common Cat Behaviours & They Are Absolutely Hilarious

Cats can be a little hard to understand sometimes.

Are they biting you because they love you, or do they want to feast on your flesh and blood? We’ll never know… Or would we?

An individual who goes by the name ItsJayOrDan recently visited a vet, and he saw these signs there, created by Adam Ellis. They were both creative and hilarious. Check them out below:

#1 Quivering butt, ready to pounce.

#2 Rolling back and forth on the carpet.

#3 Making squinty eyes at you.

#4 Raised butt in your face.

#5 Sleeping in a perfect circle.

#6 Kneading with its paws.

#7 Sitting in a “cat loaf” formation.

#8 One leg extended during bath time.

#9 Showing its belly to you.

#10 Staring off into space, wide-eyed.

#11 Sleeping in boxes.

#12 The hug and bite:

#13 Chirping out the window at birds.

#14 Sitting on your computer.

#15 Nowhere to be found.

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