Twitter User Tells Why Vegans Should Not Force Their Pets To Eat Vegan Too And Sparked A Debate

Vegans have a tendency to be very vocal about what they believe.

And what they believe is that you shouldn’t use animal products because it’s exploitative of animals, and that it’s cruel. A lot of non-vegans don’t see eye to eye with vegans because they believe that the vegan ideology is full of fearmongering and hypocrisy. And there are a lot of reasons for it. Like how there’s no way to have zero impact on animal life, and simply being alive requires you to infringe upon the lives of others.

For example, the land you use was once an animal’s home, and the food you buy while is vegan, the profits go to non-vegan associates, the car you drive requires fuel which requires factories, and leaves a carbon footprint that damages the animal lives of future animals, and so on and on. But there’s a controversy within vegan circles as well, and that’s owning a pet.

Vegan Twitterite @nocroissant made a statement that went viral.


And the discussions that came out of it were eye opening.



She stated her own opinions, and there was a lot of arguments coming from both sides.


Others also claimed that there’s no such thing as true vegan animal.



Because the idea of “avoiding the exploitation of animals” is a purely human concept, so it isn’t natural for animals, even herbivores.


People questioned why you would deprive an omnivore of half the food it consumes.


Dogs don’t digest plants as easily as they digest meats.

Even NoCroissant agreed and she’s a vegan.



What do you think?

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