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These Vegans Got Roasted On Internet Like A Boar For Their Unfathomable Stupid Arguments

These Vegans Got Roasted On Internet Like A Boar For Their Unfathomable Stupid Arguments

A lot of people have stories of vegans being obnoxious towards them.

It isn’t because vegans are obnoxious, but rather, there are enough of them who are so elitist and annoying, that almost everyone has a story about it. And for the most part, it doesn’t make any lick of sense. Congrats to anyone who has been able to hold a vegan diet for so long and actually feels good about it, but those who try to force their diet and belief onto others, you’re not only obnoxious, you’re wrong.

The whole point of veganism is that you aren’t hurting life, right? Wrong. Plants feel pain just like animals do. They’re just unable to communicate that pain effectively. Those who eat meat at least acknowledge that they’re consuming other life, vegans live in a bubble who think they don’t. And if you think that plant life just isn’t as important as animal life, then the same argument could be applied to animal life not being as important as human life.

It just doesn’t make sense. If it’s a lifestyle you enjoy, all for it, but if it’s a lifestyle you’re trying to push on others? Y’all gonna get roasted.

Source: Imgur

#1 Thank you so much for posting murder on my dash and calling it a “salad”.

#2 Liam is a 19-year-old who likes to play the “Spot the Vegan” game.

#3 If they can’t take a joke, at least…

#4 Power cut off during the nugget warmth.

#5 Vegans live up to 15 years longer because they’re not invited anywhere fun or dangerous.

#6 Is anyone here a doctor?

#7 How to help a vegan when they’re choking on something.

#8 Vegan burgers are basically the nasty patty.

#9 You can only stay quiet so long.

#10 Wakey wakey eggs and bakey.

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Especially if you’re vegan.

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