These Comics About A Vegan’s Everyday Problems Are Going To Crack You Up

Who knew one could face so many difficulties in life?

No one better than Ariane, a 24-year-old illustrator from Paris. All of us love a good comic and especially when it relates to us. So Ariane has given us some really hilarious comics that describe her everyday problems.

Ariane has been drawing since childhood and comics became her thing in the teenage.

I really got into it last year and even more in last November when I discovered digital drawing which upped my game instantly.

I get my ideas from small Peruvians I keep in my basement who work day and night to find the best jokes… and also real life. My all-time inspiration is Garfield of course!

She doesn’t like working on paper, in case you were wondering. Upon asked about her work medium she said:

All digital baby! Way better than paper. I hate paper. My home is paper free. And also pepper free. That last statement is false. I love pepper. What was the question again?

Oh and not to mention she doesn’t let her cat Jasper feel left out at all. She jokingly said:

My cat Jasper comes from the planet Cathar where he was discovered to be force sensitive. But the empire declared him too powerful and put a bounty on his head, which is why he had to exile to planet Earth, he loves it here but he misses death sticks a bit.

And not just that. Apart from her success, she motivates everyone else to give it a go too.

The best thing is anyone can do it, you don’t have to be Michael-Angelo to draw comic strips, the important part is the joke, not the art per se. The worst thing is some people don’t understand the minimalistic approach in comic strips for the joke to work and will criticize the art as if you were drawing a graphic novel. But trust me, drastic changes of angles and poses with too much-added details spoils the comedy timing and you end up with a weird unfunny chimera between two genres. I’ve seen this, I’ve done this, you don’t want this

Below are some of the most infuriating everyday problems that you could relate to. Trust me, you’re going to want to read these for sure.

1. When you reach your phone to check the time but you do everything else and put it back.


2. LOL. Nothing happens as you expect it to.


3. Did you get that she’s a VEGAN?


4. What do these cats have against us anyways?


5. Hello sun-tan.


6. Ugh. No fun in picking up this cat.


7. The struggle is real.


8. Awwww!


9. Could have just said so. Why all the crap?


10. But his movies are so good!


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