Vegans On Tumblr Debating If Fish Are Animals Or Not Is Gonna Make Your Head Explode

These are very important revelations.

I think we all believed that fish indeed belong in the animal kingdom. But, it turns out that might not be true. To top that off, did you know salmon is what gives you salmonella? It does make sense though as it is right in the name.

How could we be so stupid before? No matter though, as this Tumblr user is here to set us straight. It all started when she asked a very important question, Why do vegans keep eating salmon if they know that it might make them ill?

Scroll on below and take a look at what other people’s responses were.

Source: Imgur

Of course! It’s a fish, not an animal!

Doesn’t that make sense though? You get salmonella from eating salmon. Simple.

Does this Tumblr user think yelling will make her seem right?

That doesn’t prove anything!

Exactly, you are just putting words in her mouth.

Sarcasm aside, I am quite sure that this was a grade-A troll. So I am quite surprised to see that so many people decided to indulge. Then again, maybe she is that stupid. Sad to say, but I have seen many people much more stupid things than this user. What do you think?

Do you think she is just trolling or does she really believe in her stupidity? Comment down below and let us know.

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