Person Shares Harrowing Tale Of How Vaccination Paralyzed Him And Why He Still Supports It

Immunisation and the endless debate

For decades people have been against vaccines because they believe it leads to other possible illnesses, side effects, and eventually in severe cases even death. Some think that immunisation is unnecessary because in their country “vaccine-preventable diseases no longer exist.” But that’s not true.

Vaccines don’t cause any harm its the opposite. Vaccines not only offers protection against diseases but it can also have a positive influence on the generations that are yet to come. By getting yourself vaccinated you’re stopping the spread of a particular disease. In the long run, it can even help to eradicate it.

Professionals have been continuously trying to spread as much awareness as they can. Social workers and doctors have tried various methods for the same purpose. Doctors have gone as far as refusing patients who are anti-vaxxers. Despite all the effort, there are still people who believe myths and not facts. So, maybe its better to hear from someone who suffered because of a vaccine and still fully supports it?

The following twitter thread will explain the rest. Check it out.

This guy shared his own experience.


“I almost died.”

It was too much to handle.

The diagnosis wasn’t easy.

It just couldn’t get any worse.

Even the smallest of things seemed a lot.

“This is my reality.”

But this is what everyone needs to know.

Vaccines SAVE lives.

There’s a risk in everything.

The purpose of vaccines remains the same.


Health comes first.

It’s time we start doing what’s right.

Believe what’s happening in real life.

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