UPS Driver Takes Photos With Every Dog He Meets And It’s Purest Thing On Internet

A dog can make any day better.

Maybe that is why this UPS driver decided to stop and take a picture with every dog he saw while driving. And while I love watching these photographs, I have to ask, doesn’t his boss or manager get angry at him for wasting time like this?

Maybe he has a cool boss who is also a big fan of dogs. One thing is for sure though; If my job required driving around, I would do the same thing but with cats. I am well aware that you are just here to watch some cute dogs cuddling up with a hooman so I won’t waste any more of your time.

Scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Instagram

#1 Jay and Bit.

#2 Jay and Kash.

#3 Jay and Prince.

#4 Jay and Morgan.

#5 Jay and Stanly.

#6 Jay and Gov.

#7 Jay and Sofia.

#8 Jay and Liath.

#9 Jay and Kingsley.

#10 Jay and Jiggy.

#11 Jay and Louis.

#12 Jay, Belle and Oy.

#13 Jay and Summer.

#14 Jay and Higgins.

#15 Jay and Cusha.

#16 Jay and Trixie.

#17 Jay and Spot.

#18 Jay and Ruby.

#19 Jay with the pups.

#20 Jay and Josie.

#21 Jay and Louie.

#22 Jay and Ziggy.

#23 Jay and Sophie.

#24 Jay and Charlie.

#25 Family time with Jay.

#26 Jay and Dakota.

#27 Jay and Half Pint.

#28 Jay and Gus.

#29 Jay, Chupa and Chula.

#30 Jay and Bella.

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