Internet Is Cheering This Company’s Untouched Ad To Encourage Body Positivity & It’s Powerful

People are far from perfect.

They have flaws, and imperfections that we don’t get to see often. The media, the movies, the celebrities we look up to, they all use makeup and stylists to make them look amazing. So then, when we compare our bodies to theirs, we feel less.

Men and women alike.

That’s why when Missguided started the #MakeYourMark campaign, the internet was all on board.

Yep, they created a campaign featuring models with untouched photos.

You can see stretch marks, and fat rolls, and cellulite.

And it’s helping women all over the world.

Everyone who sees this campaign.

They know that “perfection” is stupid.


And it’s making women feel better all over the world.

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