This Unsettling Detail You Missed In The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Premiere But Twitter Didn’t

Spoiler Alert

In case you haven’t noticed, which would be shocking given how in-your-face it was, Ed Sheeran made a cameo in the premiere of Game Of Thrones, Season Seven. Now, besides that, there was a sequence between Sansa Stark and Jon Snow. It starts with her questioning Snow’s decision in front of the Northern Lords and says that they betrayed the Starks and should give their castles to loyal families. Snow, however, replies with a noble but idiotic, “Nah, man, it’s cool” and makes the Northern lord’s children pledge loyalty to the Starks.

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Afterwards, Sansa tries to convince him again

But Snow then gets a letter via raven from Cersei and doesn’t listen to her again. Despite the warnings Sansa gives him, Snow decides it’s better to not heed them. She says, “You’re the military man, but I know her. If you’re her enemy, she’ll never stop until she’s destroyed you. Everyone who’s ever crossed her she’s found a way to murder.”

To which Snow replies, “You almost sound as if you admire her,”

It ends with Sansa saying, “I learned a great deal from her,”

Notice anything particular here?

Sophie Turner, the actress that plays Sansa Stark, once told Refinery 29 that her hairstyle was a depiction of her emotions. That it’s an ode to “people she’s learning from, or mimicking, or inspired by.”

Still don’t get it?

Well, maybe a flashback from Season 3 might jog your memory

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That’s right!

She’s got Cersei’s hairdo! And we’re not the only ones who noticed. Over at Twitter, there are a few people who seemed to have picked up on the same thing we have.


It’s not just you, Elvis

What could it mean?

This kind of foreshadowing could mean so much

What do you think? Are the fans digging too deep into it or are they right? It couldn’t be that foreshadowing like this is just random and lucky, could it? Is Jon Snow going to die for good?

Ugh, the suspense will kill me.

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