Artist Hilariously Illustrates The Unseen Side Of Girls That’ll Make Society Uncomfortable

Nobody Is Perfect.

Especially women. I am not saying that is necessarily a bad thing. I mean we all have personal lives, and we all tend to do weird things that we’d rather not admit in public. Many things about a woman’s everyday life make some people uncomfortable.

A French illustrator, Cecile Dormeau, however, wanted to reveal these things. The illustrations below are filled with subtle observations, and you will surely relate to all of these. So, sit back and enjoy.

#1 Now This Is Quite Literal.

#2 I Hardcore Relate With This.

#3 I Thought Life Was Going To Throw Lemons At Me.

#4 I Don’t Know. A Bra Might Help.

#5 Yup, Workouts Make Me Cry Too.

#6 We All Feel Like That Sometimes.

#7 We Finally Know The Answer To The Big Butt Dilemma.


#9 As You Should!

#10 Well, At Least You Have A Cat.

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