These Unrealistic Cat Drawings Are Inspired From Real Cats That Prove Cats Are Something Else

Cats are the sharpest tool in the box.

I know that we love them unconditionally but we have to be honest, they do some stupid stuff that we tend to ignore. Mostly, however, we just find their weird behavior irresistibly cute.

So if you’re not a cat person, this list is probably not the one for you. But if you are just as obsessed with cats as me, I assure you these pictures will make your day. And not just that, these pictures are actually an inspiration behind DailyPurrr artwork.

I just really love simplicity and primitivism in art, and always wanted to draw something simple and share with the people. I get a lot of submissions. One time, when I decided to ask people to send me their cat pictures in an Instagram story, I got like 150+ messages in one day.

When I choose a picture for drawing, I’m looking for awkward poses, stupid cat looks, interesting situations, etc.


Source: Instagram | society6

#1 Squished into the bread box.

#2 Open mouth.

#3 Pointing to the door.

#4 Hidden legs.

#5 Lying down.

#6 Catwalk poses.

#7 Long tail.

#8 Fitting in.

#9 Marshmallow.

#10 Square body.

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