This Post Will Make You Feel Really Uncomfortably Old If You’re A Millennial

We all have to grow up.

Whether we like it or not, all of us go through the ageing process. And in this process, we leave behind our childhood. But what if our memories grew with us? What would it be like if all the things we watched as kids grew up with us? Scroll below and be prepared to feel really uncomfortable:

#1 If the Rugrats grew up with us.



#2 Spike would be dead by now.



#3 This is how much Nickelodeon Studios has changed.


#4 Disney stopped making VHS tapes after Bambi II



#5 The iPod came out 16 years ago.



#6 SpongeBob’s episode “Band Geeks” released 16 years ago.


#7 Justin Timberlake left NSYNC 15 years back.

Sony Music


#8 Children these days don’t know who NSYNC was.

Twitter: @hannahen45 


#9 The Eminem Show and Under Construction released 15 years ago.



#10 And this is what the girl in Missy Elliott’s videos looks like now.

/Instagram: @alysonstoner
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