She Unapologetically Adheres To Her Kids’ Sleep Schedule

Mary Katherine will never let her kids skip nap time

Despite being an easygoing, calm mom, there is one thing that she is uncompromising at. The nap times of her children. And that’s not to say that she is a lazy mother, or a stick-in-the-mud. After all, she lets them eat Cheerios off the floor, and watch an ungodly amount of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

The reason why she sticks to what she does is because, at the end of the day, everything boils down to the mother going into survival mode. They have two kids and two dogs. Since her husband goes to work daily and makes sure that they have enough money to go around, she’s responsible for making sure that the house doesn’t fall apart.

With that said, she’s got more than enough reasons to make sure that the kids sleep at the appropriate time. She’s not even awake for a full hour before she starts fantasising about the next nap-time.

Because they need their sleep.

They are her children, and while there are some that can stay awake without problems, hers start throwing tantrums, sippy cups, and scream max-volume that would make ears bleed at a hundred meter radius.

With that said, she, and everyone around her, are better off with some silence. After all, without their naps, they start kicking, biting and destroying everything in sight. Of course, because she’s such a stickler for timings, there are always complications.

Beach vacations, for example.

Load tonnes of snacks, stick two pre-sunscreened kids into the car, a large tent, only to get there and realise it’s nap time. And she will never just “skip it for once”, since, in her family, sleep schedules are hard stops.

Nap time makes sure that both the parents and the kids can go through the day without problems. It’s necessary rejuvenation, and a few extra minutes on the beach are not worth that sacrifice.

Even her father gave words of wisdom

In her article, she said:

My father always said, “You can’t hoot with the owls if you wanna soar with the eagles.” I am pretty sure that was Southern Dad-speak for: “If you truly wish to regret your life choices, stay up late and then wake up at the butt crack of down with young children.”

And she’s right. With how she stays adamant on nap times for her children, she’s living a better, less hectic life than the kids at Walmart who make a scene everywhere.

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