‘Ugly Renaissance Babies’ Tumblr Posts Most Hilarious Babies From Renaissance Paintings & It’s Too Funny

Dedicated to the ugly Renaissance babies.

Renaissance means “Rebirth” in French. The beautiful paintings, sculptures and decorative art related to Renaissance ages back to the 1400s; the kind of artwork that made us drool.

We always say that no baby is an ugly one. But the babies in these paintings are another level of hideousness. It looks like the artists from this era had never seen an actual baby. Tumblr account ‘Ugly Renaissance babies‘ is doing justice to its name. They have gathered the most despicable artworks from the past, and these will definitely have you in hysterics.

Renaissance art defined beauty but what you are about to see is the exact opposite of that. Ironic, isn’t it? You’re gonna go “Is that even a baby?” on more than half of these.

1. Is that a baby or a man who just didn’t grow up quite properly?

2. Okay, what is coming out of his head?

3. If that’s what babies look like, I don’t think I want to have one.

4. Is that how a baby comes out? Is that even a male or a female?

5. Is it just me or is he totally rolling his eyes at his mother?

6. What a hunk. I’m sure the girls at that time would agree.

7. One cares too much while the other doesn’t bother at all.

8. Do you know the Legendary Pakistani musician Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan? Looks like a childhood picture of his.

9. Disgusted.

10. Someone, please stop this dude.

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