10+ Things You Will Find Way Too Accurate And Relateable If You Are A ‘Type A’ Person

Type A people have their pros and cons.

But then again, every type has that. All I know is that Type A people are literally the opposite kind of people from me (Yes, I am type B if you didn’t already know that.) Today, however, we are talking about Type A people.

That is why we have compiled some of the most relatable truths that a Type A person will hardcore understand. So let’s start, shall we?

#1 Your calendar is the only thing that can tell you what’s gonna happen.

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#2 You tell your uber driver what route to take.

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#3 You won’t let just anyone drive you.

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#4 And you hate being in the passenger seat of your own car.

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#5 You hate it when someone asks you to ‘go with the flow.’

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#6 This is your reaction when asks you to calm down.

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#7 Your to-do list is where you write everything and I mean everything.

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#8 You are a master of multi-tasking.

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#9 You are always trying to find new ways to make money even if you’re sick.

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#10 You feel embarrassed when a character in a show feels embarrassed.


#11 You are always done with Christmas shopping since Thanksgiving.

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#12 Nobody can else be the leader of the group except you.

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#13 You can’t stand the ‘you first,’ ‘no you first’ so you usually take the initiative.


#14 There should never be any red notification bubbles in your inbox.

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#15 You’d rather look at pictures of color-coded things than cats.

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#16 You are a perfectionist, and you are proud of it.

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