JK Rowling Teases Two New Harry Potter Books This October And Potterheads Are Going Ballistic

Publisher Bloomsbury just updated their list of for sale books and it now includes two more Harry Potter

What a way to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of HP, right? There is very little known about the two new books, besides their names. And fans are inferring whatever they can, however they can, and as much as they can.

The first is called Harry Potter, A Journey Through The History Of Magic. The name implies that it’s probably more like a history book of Harry Potter events. Such as what happened well before Voldemort failed to kill a baby. Fans have assumed that it would most likely be about famous wizards and legends that were touched upon and just gradually mentioned in the Potterverse


It could also be about the founders of Hogwarts

Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. The other book is called Harry Potter: A History of Magic, The Book Of the Exhibition. Much like the other, it’s also more of a prequel. It deals more with the classes and establishment of Hogwarts and the wizarding education.

However, as always, people should never give into the hype

The far less talked about “Cursed Child” book which JK Rowling oversaw has seen incredibly negative reviews. Not the screenplay, but the book itself.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them did amazingly, so not all hope is lost

All I’m saying is that before you go into the book store to devour the new novels, take a big, hefty grain of salt with you. Being pessimistic means that you’re either right, or pleasantly surprised.

It’s the optimistic look on pessimism. Still, go in with lowered expectations, Potterheads.

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