Twitter’s New Meme About Saying Stuff Into The Mic Is Perfect For Everyone With A Weird Sense Of Humor

The best memes are the ones that point out our imperfections.

The reasons that viral jokes go viral in the first place is because they are so relatable. Almost everybody knows Good Guy Greg. He’s probably a great guy but just looks like a jerk. The latest and perhaps the greatest meme of familiarity hitting Twitter takes the format of a joke: Mustering the courage to speak an unpopular opinion into a mic. However, at first, the speaker is invariably greeted with a wave of disparity. But, soon to be confirmed with by an authority figure. It’s an open-ended mic but has an innate comic timing. Don’t we all just love saying the silly things that pop into our minds, for the world to tell us that we’re not wrong?

Twitter’s new meme about saying stuff into a mic is perfect for everyone with a weird sense of humor:

“There’s nothing wrong with human cloning.”

“1989 is better than reputation.”

There, in the fifth row stands…


“Louis Tomlinson can’t sing.”


“Big time rush is better than those shitty Beatles.”

“She isn’t wrong.”


“And this is why I cry every time I look into a mirror.”


“Bat-woman is more competent than Batman.”


“He isn’t wrong.”


“I’ve seen this joke 1000 times today.”


“This meme died 5 minutes ago.”

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