This Twitter User Is Breaking The Internet After Doing ‘Tina Belcher’ Dance And It’s Hilarious

Who wouldn’t want to dress-up as Tina Belcher?

I already had my costume ready, but after seeing this, I am quite sure I want to go as Tina. Apparently, many people agree with me. Whats not to love about her? Especially her amazing ability to just get down and twerk.

This Halloween, one person wanted to do just that.

She does have the same elegant posture too.

Neck movement is very important in twerking!


Don’t think she cares at all.

She truly deserves a round of applause.

Who doesn’t?

Professional twerkers also joined in with their amazing advice.


Whole back? Got It!


She even found her little sister in the thread.

Everyone was ready to ditch their Halloween ideas.



I am sure we will see Tina’s everywhere. It is surely going to be lit!


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