Internet’s Divided Over Twitter Thread That Attacks Toxic Masculinity & Tells How We Need To Fix Boys Before Gun Laws

Boys are broken.

At least that is what one Twitter user had to say. Now, this may sound demeaning, but he had a reason so let me elaborate. While the movement of feminism was much needed and helped a lot of people to embrace change.

Men, however, weren’t lucky enough to receive the same treatment. Sure, it might not ‘seem’  like that they are dealt with unfairly, but the truth is quite the opposite. And Michael Ian Black wanted to shed some light on this subject matter.

He starts with a simple but meaningful line.

And then he starts to elaborate on what he means by that.

He explains how men and boys alike are still locked in a rigid place.

And how they are unable to change.

As everything is hopelessly entwined.

And that this is probably the reason behind the fear all men feel.

So they shut out everything else.

And nobody is helping men in the least.

People had varying opinions on Michaels post.


Some were just downright rude.


However, some people acted exactly as Micheal was describing.


All in all, the thread was filled with negativity.

What about you? Do you agree with his beliefs? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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