Twitter Tears Into Paris Hilton With Receipts After She Claimed That She Invented The ‘Selfie’

Who knew Paris Hilton invented the selfie?

Apparently, no one. Not until she celebrated an anniversary of a very important milestone. Back in 2006, Brittney and Paris took these pictures, and she had something to say about them.

Some people were totally on board with the idea.

Via Noddy_Taylor

I have to agree, They do look beautiful.

Via punyaoffline

If they say it, it obviously happened right!?

Via dizzyhxrricane

There were, however, some people who were not feeling the whole thing.

Via christine_says_

Wait! She didn’t!? Nothing makes sense anymore.

Via LeefroMilch


Via kim_li

Maybe she forgot that people had ‘invented’ it before?

Via mixer1av

Don’t think she will be able to.

Via shmicholas
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