Twitter Is Hysterically Laughing After Seeing Things On Donald Trump Jr.’s Desk

Things always get a little crazy in the Trump world. The Trump family never cease to amuse and disgust us at the same time. A Twitter user named Ashley Feinberg uploaded a photo of Donald Trump Jr. sitting at his desk which was a little bit weird, no kidding.

The photo is definitely a unique addition to the already bizarre Trump collections.

Other than the “carefully organized” set of photographs, our Twitter friends did not overlook some really interesting collections on Trump Jr.’s table which made them scratch their heads.

Like the over sized pair of scissors and its possible uses.



Creative speculations.

And ah yes, the bobble head.

Maybe the only way to make his father approve of himself.

Say Yes!


Wait! It looks like Trump Jr adores himself.

Definitely, he is his father’s son.


Innocent faces in front are the 1st line of defense.


Against all the awkwardness.

It’s really hard pretending to be human.

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