This Twitter Thread Satirizing The Way Men Talk About Women; It’s Too Hilarious

The rivalry and difference of opinion within the two genders is a historic one. Both men and women have their concerns about the opposite sex. Both genders have their versions of gender stereotypes.

A Twitter account has a classic way to make parodies of ridiculous gender roles by flipping their roles. They would start a conversation like “What if dads heard the stupid advice that working moms hear?” And the conversation that follows is insanely hilarious.

Their recent satirical role reversal was born in the form of this question.

That was just the right poke at the idea that people often find it struggling to diversify the list of great individuals with some worthy women – as if there are not enough options. People jumped in with all kinds of suggestions, comments, and thoughts which resulted in an infuriatingly hilarious Twitter thread and a masterpiece of sarcasm.



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