This Guy On Twitter Claimed Depression Wasn’t Real, Gets Schooled With Facts

With a little bit of interest & a positive attitude for learning, the internet will become the most powerful source of information and entertainment. Today, information and, of course, memes of any kind are at your fingertips.

However, you should watch out for some people who are corrupted with their self-version of the truth. They are not interested in objective facts, but rather they would try to “educate” the world what they feel is right. A severe lack of objectivity as well as empathy can corrupt the truth in so many ways.

A person of the same kind recently showed a total lack of empathy and ignorance towards a sensitive topic in his appalling Tweet.

Depression isn’t real. You feel sad, you move on. You will always be depressed if your life is depressing. Change it. Thread,” Tate wrote on Thursday.”


It’s hard to imagine the amount of ignorance he must have poured into this Tweet.

Luckily, a lot of people were there to talk some sense with more educated counter arguments.

For many reasons, the Tweet was quite dangerous and had to be dealt with some solid facts.

Many people still avoid diagnosis due to pervasive stigma.

Brain scans have actually confirmed the genuine effects of depression.

Some people shared their own stories on the thread to strengthen the case.


A woman was so helpful to share a few numbers for suicide hotlines.

She shared how a proper treatment helped her get back a great life.

An MIT professor mentioned that Tate’s Tweet was dangerous garbage.

Instead of realizing his horrible mistake, the unimaginable ignorance persists.


Comedian Patton Oswalt chimed in with some solid counterpoints.

A woman made a smart point about why depression should not be conflated with sadness.

While it’s scary to see that sort of ignorance by people like Tate on such a delicate issue, it’s refreshing to know that so many people jumped in to troll that ridiculous statement with solid facts and genuine resources.

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