NASA Asked Twitter For Messages To Send Into Space For Aliens & Twitter Delivered

The 40th Anniversary of Voyager I is coming.

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And the Voyager is a testament to humanity’s will to stare down the unknown. And as a way of celebrating such an accomplishment, NASA has decided that they will beam an uplifting message into the unknown. The message itself will be selected from the submissions people make using the hashtag #MessageToVoyager. Unfortunately, deadlines closed earlier in the week.

And the submissions have been all over the place.


There are so many conflicting messages here.


It has the consistency of gravel.

We were being reasonable. Somewhat.


After all, how many things last this long?


But a lot just wanted to get some alien booty.


Like, really specific, and eerily planned alien booty.

I don’t know what to vote for.

And if aliens think that we’re a bunch of horndogs just waiting to bang… They wouldn’t be wrong. I mean, we sexualise everything. And I mean everything.

Nothing is safe on the internet.

But maybe if we’re lucky, aliens will see it as a compliment. Who knows?

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