This Twitter Account “Your Fat Friend” Will Make You Consider How You Behave On Planes

Travelling is supposed to be a fun experience for everyone.

But it is far from being fun for some people. If you don’t have the perfect weight, prepare yourself for a hard time on aeroplanes.

Twitter user @yrfatfriend went on a rant on Twitter, explaining the processes they go through just to be on a plane. It’s actually very disturbing.


They start off with picking the right airline, so they don’t get kicked off.


It’s costly.


And unfair.



They have to buy their own seatbelt extenders.



This is just sad…



We are so busy worrying about our own comfort; we forget other’s have feelings too.



They paid to be on the flight, just like you. And it wouldn’t hurt to be a little nice.



There is already too much hatred in the world. Don’t contribute to it.


This is just wrong and heartless.


People have no shame in them left.


They are human beings with feelings. Crazy, right?



Please be more compassionate towards others.


It’s almost like you’re isolating them.


How about that for uncomfortable?



Look at the trouble they go through so that they won’t have to hear your pathetic complaining.



If having a flight like this is considered “lucky”, I don’t want to know what unlucky is.


This is too much for a human being to handle.


But we are glad they are not giving up their strength.


We should be nicer to people even if we do not know them. We don’t know what they are going through and how much they are in need of a stranger’s kindness. We have lost too many people because of rude bullies. It’s time to change.

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