10+ Hilariously Twisted And Dark Humor Comics That Take Unexpected Turn You Won’t See Coming

Metaphors and interpretation is the lifeblood of some artists.

One of these is Martin Skauen who pokes fun at the darkness of humanity by using metaphors to enhance his point. His work is surreal and unexpected, and his works show reality in a state of cultural fanaticism. He’s a representation of a new kind of artist which know exactly what the world is becoming and know just how to hide a message in a seemingly surreal piece of work.

You don’t need a degree in art history to understand his message.

Source: Instagram | Martin Skauen 

#1 Probably how I’d act being an alien’s pet

#2 Fart Art II

#3 Booth B10 is playing safe.

#4 Yes, like a bird. Pip pip.

#5 Couldn’t find your breasts but found coconuts.

#6 When you pretend your fair booth is a CSI murder scene…

#7 It’s 2018, mom, shouldn’t you get dad to do that?

#8 Are you coming to dead?

#9 Portal.

#10 Are you doing drugs again?

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