Identical Twin Brothers Married Identical Twin Sisters And They All Live In The Same House

Twins are fascinating

Courtesy of the Malm family

We consider each individual human being to be unique and one of a kind. So it’s often a shock to see two of the same “one of a kind” people. Triplets and quadruplets and so on are extremely rare, so they don’t come up as often. However, twins are pretty strange too!

Especially if a pair of twins marry each other.

Courtesy of the Malm family

Twins, Doug and Phil Malm are brothers who fell in love together. They fell for Jill and Jena Lassen, also twins, in Moscow, Idaho. Dough married Jill, and Phil married Jena. The first pair have a 19-year old daughter named Rylie, and the second pair have an 18-year old son named Tim.

Technically, Tim and Rylie, despite actually being cousins, have the genetic makeup of siblings.

If your head is still in one piece, keep going

Courtesy of the Malm family

They met at Twin Days festival in 1991, proposed on the same festival in 1992, and got married in that festival in 1993. The pair of twins have been married for 24 years, and they all live together in one four-bedroom home.

They absolutely love the fact that they’re related like this.

In fact, during their wedding day, the girl twins wore the same wedding dress and the guy twins wore the same suit.

Courtesy of the Malm family

Their love is strange, and cute, and memorable. Lets face it, every one of us has had this exact “What if” thought. But it’s not all as it’s cracked up to be, either. There are times when even the twins get confused.

Doug said.

“Unfortunately, there are times when I cannot tell them apart so I do things like say Jena and see which one perks up. We never approach too quickly,”

Interestingly, the pair of twins even have the same jobs.

Courtesy of the Malm family

They work as cleaners and after school supervisors! They keep the illusion alive by getting the same clothes and the same haircut. It’s mindboggling an hilarious!

They’re one big happy, slightly eccentric, family!

Courtesy of the Malm family

They’re inseparable and harmonious

Courtesy of the Malm family

Married for 24 years, this is one of the most cutest family stories ever.

Courtesy of the Malm family
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