10+ Hilarious Tweets That Prove That Dads Have It Just As Hard As Moms

Who said that dads have it easy?

Yes, I know that the Internet is filled with Tweets and hilarious posts about how mothers have it incredibly hard. And I totally agree with them. However, that doesn’t mean that dads have it easy if we are to believe the following tweets.

Look, let’s just agree on one thing, okay? No matter how much you love your children, they will suck the soul out of you by the time they are teenagers. And raising a child is especially hard when you are a single dad or a mother.

So let’s take a look as to what these dads face every day.

#1 I think the former is much less embarrassing.

Via DaddingAround

#2 Because who has the time, right?

Via DaddingAround

#3 You have to stay with the times.

Via DaveLearnsToDad

#4 Bet you wish she didn’t sleep for that mere second, don’t you?

Via simoncholland

#5 Don’t worry; it’ll be quiet in a few moments.

Via XplodingUnicorn

#6 I have no doubt about that.

Via Dadpression

#7 Parents don’t get to have nice things.

Via TheFGeneral

#8 Matching socks are so 2015!

Via weiphi

#9 So you live by tripping each and every day then?

Via DaddingAround

#10 Sounds about right.

Via joeDmarti

#11 Nobody ever knows WTF they are doing with their life.

Via TwinzerDad

#12 Now, he would be a real hero!

Via R_A_Dadass

#13 Did it, really?

Via TwinzerDad

#14 And then there is the pizza faze.

Via TheCatWhisperer

#15 #Firstworldproblems

Via steve__jones

#16 That is some real magic right here!

Via R_A_Dadass

#17 You just never see it coming.

Via HomeWithPeanut
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