31 Posts That’ll Make Women Laugh Until Their Sides Hurt

Lives are very different for men and women.

That’s not to say one has a better life than the other. They’ve always been treated differently, and there’s always been sexism from both sides. Women treating men like mindless, one-train-thought animals, and men treating women like sex objects. Nevertheless, the jokes in between are always a little funny. Like how women will never understand the pain of being kicked in the balls, men will never be able to understand the agony of having your ovaries bleed out.

So just kick back, and scroll through some funny posts!

#1 This would be hilarious if the wage gap was real!

#2 This kid knows what’s up

#3 If you’re a guy and you do this, you’re still a girl.

#4 Depends. It hurts to go without if you’re bigger.

#5 Both sound delicious!

#6 At least she knows she’s irrational


#7 Shots fired.

#8 Don’t underestimate Trump


#9 Like a real woman!

#10 Or the text she sent to her boyfriend

#11 Being a woman is hard. Being a man is hard. Being a human is hard. Just go out and get wasted.


#12 Nipple hater

#13 Except the wage gap still isn’t real.


#14 Obviously! Otherwise you’ll look terrible like usual.


#15 The need in her eyes is real


#16 Nothing like the familiarity of worn out cotton



#17 Sounds like me on an average day

#18 Funny! If you think that it’s only men that do it.

#19 Not a real fan


#20 I’d believe that if women could ever communicate where to eat

#21 Signal confusion

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#22 Character development

#23 Crap, didn’t think of that

#24 I’ve always been embarrassed by my lack of sick pterodactyl wings

#25 Two Kitkats vs Two kids?

#26 Proper procedure

#28 Women are straight up shapeshifters at this point.


#29 *Mic sounds* Target acquired.


#31 More shots fired.

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