18+ Tweets That Really Take A Hilariously Sharp Turn And Will Surprise The Hell Out Of You

The best kind of jokes are the ones with unexpected punchlines. You know, those that go from 0 to 100 real quick.

Twitter never lacked in humour.

You never regret spending hours on Twitter. How do people come up with this stuff? Some of it is so lame; it makes me laugh till my sides hurt.

Humour is a blessing we can’t keep to ourselves. So, here are some hilariously awkward tweets that might not end as you expected them to:


#1 Be who you are, man.



#2 Pretty sure morgues don’t take walk-ins…



#3 A place to crash. Literally.



#4 Not very useful, is it?






#6 Not very romantic, are you?


#7 Dat boii.



#8 And I’ll have divorce for dessert.



#9 Be more clear, John Lennon.



#10 Time to move out.



#11 That proves it.



#12 What


#13 Wifi>Wife



#14 Why did it take two horns for them to realise that?



#15 No, David. There won’t be any sausage rolls at the funeral.



#16 The most metal way to describe a piñata.



#17 Poor Life Hack.



#18 He’s got this.



#19 Buddy you’re a dead man.

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